Enclosures How To

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Here you will find resources on how to build you own enclosure for your router to make using EWRT practical.

Check out the following sites:





If you know of any similar resources please leave a comment below.

Packages & Other Related Info

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So we’re trying to gather up all the packages that you can use with ewrt and it is slow going as they aren’t all where they should be.

I’ve gathered up a few and now it’s about finding a good place to host the files so they don’t eat up a bunch of my bandwidth.

If anyone wants to help with this feel free to contact me through the site. 🙂

The following are the info for the files I’ve been able to get my hands on:

  • gdbserver_6.3-1_mipsel.ipk – 16-Mar-2007 11:05 23K
  • gpsd_2.30-1_mipsel.ipk – 16-Mar-2007 11:05 77K
  • libglib_1.2.10-1_mipsel.ipk – 16-Mar-2007 11:05 68K
  • libncurses_5.2-8_mipsel.ipk – 16-Mar-2007 11:05 143K
  • libpcap_0.9.4-1_mipsel.ipk – 16-Mar-2007 11:05 81K
  • libpthread_0.9.19_mipsel.ipk – 16-Mar-2007 11:05 22K
  • microcom_1.12_mipsel.ipk – 16-Mar-2007 11:05 16K
  • mini-fo-2.4.20brcm_0.6.1pre1-CVS_20051010_mipsel.ipk 16-Mar-2007 11:05 28K
  • nocat-pwd_0.93_CVS-pwd_mipsel.ipk – 16-Mar-2007 11:05 93K
  • robocfg_1.0_mipsel.ipk – 16-Mar-2007 11:05 8.3K
  • shfs-utils_0.35_mipsel.ipk – 16-Mar-2007 11:05 45K
  • strace_4.5.12_mipsel.ipk – 16-Mar-2007 11:05 82K
  • tcpdump_3.9.4-1_mipsel.ipk – 16-Mar-2007 11:05 247K
  • wifidog_1.1.3_beta4_mipsel.ipk – 16-Mar-2007 11:05 110K
  • For now you might be able to download them through the archive but if that stops working let me know and I’ll see what I can do.

    Download EWRT

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    Want to download EWRT?

    Find the appropriate links below:







    Please Be Patient – We’re Updating

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    Portless.net is currently updating and we hope to be back up in the next few days better than ever so please sit tight and come back soon!


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    Here are some photos of enclosures used to house the router:

    Patch 2.4.28

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    Please find the patch for version 2.4.28 at the below link:

    EWRT 2.4.28 Patch

    If you get an error page it is likely due to issues with bandwidth on the archive pages. Please try again.