About EWRT

What is EWRT?

EWRT stands for  Enhanced Wireless Receiver / Transmitter  and is a Linux distribution for Linksys WRT54G & WRT54GS wireless routers. It’s original release was  made by Irving Popovetsky and Brandon Psmythe but development has ceased on the project now for some time now.

The goal of EWRT was to create a “stable and easy to use hotspot-in-a-box software distribution” that could be used in communities and commercial applications (apartment buildings, hotels, shopping centers, etc).

While no longer in current development it can still be used and because the code is open source it can be modified to suit your particular needs.

What You may want to know:

EWRT provides an integrated captive portal which is based on the NOCatSplach-CVS. It adds sshd support and other remote admin functionalities and also adds a writable JFFS2 partition on the flash which allows for a variety of other useful functions.

NoCatSplash has been significantly modified so that it can work with the router’s embedded platform. The modifications have allowed for improvemnetsl ike Buffer overflow checks & security and stability patches.

While these features significantly improve the Linksys firmware the general feel of it has been left intact so admins will likely feel comfortable with any changes that have been made.